Welcome to Tulsi Castings and Machining Limited


TCML is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of cast and machined Ductile Iron (S.G. Iron) & components viz. Brake Carrier, Brake Caliper, Housing, Heavy vehicle brake parts, Companion Flange, End Yokes, Flange Yokes, Crank Shafts, Hub Ring, Engine mounting brackets, Slack Adjuster, Planatery Carriers, Railway Parts, Oil field pipe joints, Farm Implement parts, Construction Equipment Components etc. with an annual capacity of 45,000 MT. With the specialization in Automotive Components, the company is also catering to various other industries like Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Earth Moving, Electrical etc.

This company is available for Acquisition / Merger / Joint Venture. Interested groups may please send email on bmjain@tcml.co.in